Ransomware did not kill a German hospital patient

The information: When a German hospital patient died in September whereas ransomware disrupted emergency care on the facility, police launched a negligent-homicide investigation and mentioned they could maintain the hackers accountable. The case attracted worldwide consideration as a result of it may have been the primary time legislation enforcement thought of a cyberattack to be immediately accountable for a loss of life.

But after months of investigation, police now say the patient was in such poor well being that she probably would have died anyway, and that the cyberattack was not accountable. 

The findings: “The delay was of no relevance to the final outcome,” Markus Hartmann, the chief public prosecutor at Cologne public prosecutor’s workplace, informed Wired. “The medical situation was the only reason behind the loss of life, and that is fully unbiased from the cyberattack.”

Although police have dropped the claim that hackers are responsible for the patient’s death, German law enforcement is still investigating the case. Hartmann, and many cybersecurity experts, believe it’s only a matter of time before an attack against hospitals causes such a tragedy.

The warning: In October, a wave of ransomware attacks hit American hospitals just as coronavirus cases started spiking. No one died as a result, but the prolific hackers involved did make their money, which means all the incentives are there for more attacks—just as coronavirus rates continue to rise rapidly around the western world. 

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